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Christmas Greetings from around the World in Marvell's TV Special!

Watch this Christmas TV Special. Put your headphones on or turn your best sound system on to watch

A Marvelous Christmas!

Featuring footage from shows performed in the RGV by James and Faye Marvell.

James and Faye Marvell

Marvell says; Thanks South Texas!

James Marvell will always be thankful to the RV Resorts, Media and Winter Texans in the great RGV.

He and his wife Faye are now taking their 50s & 60s dances to baby boomers in Florida and other states.

Though he kicked off the current hippie dance trend in South Texas, Marvell remembers well, when he was traveling with the million selling band Mercy in the 60s, singing the same songs for sock hoppers and hippies of that era!

Click on the 3 minute video below

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