This section is for public activities offered in RV and Mobile Home resorts only. If you want to submit a public activity for a venue outside of the Winter Texan resorts, school events, city events etc., use the Winter Texan Bulletin Board to post your announcements.
Entertainers: Read This to submit your schedules.

Send us your activity schedules by email and we will post them in the appropriate section of this website.

This includes schedules for:
Entertainment Shows
Jam Sessions
Craft Shows
Parkwide Sales
Public Meals
Happy Hours
Please separate your schedules into categories when you send them to us for posting. For example send us your dances in one email then your entertainment shows in a different email etc. etc.

You may send us your entire season's schedule all at once.
Only activity directors or persons authorized by park management may submit schedules for open to the public activities.

We will not post activities submitted if you do not include your name and email address for verification.

Public activities submitted here by RV Resorts and other Winter Texan Communities will also be distributed to the following media outlets:
Welcome Home RGV

The Winter Texan Connection in not responsible for these media outlets posting the activities you submit. We share the information with them but is is their responsibility to post it as they see fit.