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Gold Wing Express

From classic Southern Gospel and contemporary country favorites, to the historic blue-grass roots that started it all, Goldwing Express delivers a mix of the lonesome cowboy and the hard-riding brave - all wrapped in song, comedy and tears!

Coupled with some of best instrumentalists on any stage, this award-winning father and 3 sons live and breathe this musical heritage - and every time they hit the stage - it's plain to see!
Contact: 417-294-0466 ... banjogw@suddenlink.net ... see our Facebook page
Goldwing Express is a family band from Oklahoma, who now reside in Missouri. Bob (Pop) plays mandolin, sings, & throws in great comedy throughout their shows. Paul, the eldest son plays guitar, sings lead & tenor vocals. Steve, the middle son plays banjo & dobro, sings lead & baritone vocals. Shawn, the youngest son plays bass & some fiddle, sings lead & bass vocals. The 3 sons are Native American as well, their Mom was Full Blooded Creek Indian from Okmulgee Oklahoma. They are proud of their heritage & you can see proof of that in their shows. The 4 are wonderful individuals and as a band they are great entertainers & musicians. A Goldwing Express Show is definitely something worth seeing!

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