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Joe Compton Live .. Troubadour & Jester

Music makes a better world!

I am a "Veteran" entertainer, who spent 20 years in your United States Navy. I know nobody famous and drop no names. I just like to enjoy and share good songs and hearty laughter with others. I don't have good hair, but my skin is alright, and all of my teeth are their original color.

Your heart and your ears will thank you for attending my show. Your significant other(s) will ask to return again and again to hear an ever-changing repertoire of great music. ​

As a diverse and dedicated community of music lovers, let's get together to create an amazing experience while listening to and singing some of the best music ever produced. My musical journey highlights music that has touched the deepest part of me and given me opportunities to sing in Europe, Asia, and here in the USA. I would love for you to participate in this intimate show with someone you love, so that you can enjoy and reminisce together. ​

Facebook: joecomptonlive

Web: joe1286.wixsite.com/joecomptonlive

Phone: (316) 665-2496
Email: joe@joetrivium.com

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