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Ralph Kuster

Ralph opened his first year on the 2011 Winter Texan tour with a well received performance at the Border Theatre on January 12th in Mission, Texas.

Since 2008, Ralph has been performing in his own show in Branson, Missouri. His music includes the sounds from the Sinatra/Martin era to Classic Country and from Soft Rock, Neil Diamond and Elvis to Broadway and Gospel.

With a repertoire of over 430 songs, Ralph will provide your facility with an excellent variety show or he can customize a show to meet your musical preferences. During his show, Ralph enjoys interacting with the audience and he welcomes the audience to dance while he performs your favorites.

Ralph will also be bringing his popular Branson show 'A Bing Crosby White Christmas' to the Valley in December later this year and he is still accepting bookings. Ralph would also be pleased to perform gospel favorites at your Sunday service.

417-230-8198 or 613-969-1956
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