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6 Money-Saving Tips for Planning an Awesome Weekend Getaway

Posted on Nov 12th 2018

Tips on how to plan a budget-friendly weekend trip

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New Horizons Band forming in the RGV

Posted on Nov 4th 2018

A New Horizons Band for beginning adults forming at UTRGV.

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How to Have a Fun, Memorable Weekend Trip on a Budget

Posted on Oct 29th 2018

Tips on how to plan a budget-friendly weekend trip

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Be kind to the palm trees; be kind to beneficial bats

Posted on Oct 24th 2018

Ever wonder why some palm trees have skirts, where bats sleep and who really controls the mosquitoes?


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Advice for Retirees: Investing in a Moneymaking Vacation Home

Posted on Aug 14th 2018

Easy to understand home buying advice for retirees in the market for a vacation home - from deciding who will maintain the home to taking steps to keep insurance costs down.

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Winter Texan Connection, The Entertainer's Friend!

Posted on Jul 16th 2018

love this website

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The Forgotten Americans ... The Story of Rio Rico

Posted on Jul 3rd 2018

Here's a story of RGV residents who, for a time, were not sure if they werre American Citizens or Mexican Citizens.

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Welcome to WInter Texan Connection Guest Blog

Posted on Jun 22nd 2018

This section is for our viewers to share knowledge and experiences.

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June 2018 Flooding in the Rio Grande Valley

Annual Birding Festival in the RGV.

Valley Symphony Orchestra & Chorale.