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6 Money-Saving Tips for Planning an Awesome Weekend Getaway

Posted on Nov 12th 2018

Henry Moore

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Life gets stressful, and while yearly vacations are great, they’re not always enough. Sometimes, you just need to get away for a weekend so that you can unwind and recharge. Whether it’s with a loved one or friends, weekend trips can be the perfect break from your busy life and keep things interesting. And it doesn’t even have to be expensive. If a budget-friendly weekend getaway sounds like something you need, these six tips will help you plan it. 


Look Online 

The first order of business will be to get online. The internet is the best place to go for the cheapest deals on flights, rental cars, accommodations, and other travel-related expenses. Peruse several different sites (for example, Honey) that offer a variety of savings for tons of retailers, restaurants, and other businesses. 


Take Care Of Business at Home

Before you set off on your adventure, ensure that your house is ready for your departure. For instance, put away any valuable items (lawnmowers, etc.) in your yard, make sure your locks are in good working order, and ask a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on things while you’re away. Also, turn off any appliances, computers, or gaming consoles; this will help you shave a few dollars off your electric bill while you’re away from home.


Take a Friday or Monday off

Airlines and hotels know that people will need bookings for the weekend, and it shows in their rates. Being able to book on Thursday evening, Friday morning, or through Monday means you will have more options and that you’re more likely to get better deals. In other words, taking a day off from work will create a larger window for planning and savings. If you want to book the ultimate weekend trip, take Friday and Monday off!


Reserve a Weekend, But Be Flexible

Spontaneous getaways sound romantic and look like a great idea in movies, but your trip will probably be more relaxing if you do a little planning. However, if you stress too much about planning the perfect trip and bog yourself down with a stringent itinerary, it won’t be relaxing. Instead, pick a weekend that could work in the near future and wait until the last minute to book your flights and hotel. Many times, the airlines and hotels need to fill up empty space, which means lower prices. If you want to get really spontaneous, wait until the day before you leave and see where the cheapest flights will take you — Dallas? New York? Chicago? 


Choose a Destination You Can Drive To

Another money-saving option is to choose a destination within driving distance. Not only will it save you airfare, but it will also allow you the most flexibility and time for exploring your vacation spot and relaxing. For instance, if you drive for a few hours on a Thursday or Friday evening, you can sleep in a little the next morning and be well-rested for the remainder of the trip. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting a rental car — you can leave whenever you want, and you can take your time getting back home. 


Pack Like a Pro

Wherever you decide to go — and whether you’re flying or driving — it’s important that you pack well. When you pack only what you will need, you should have plenty of room for the essentials, which will save you from having to make a bunch of last-minute or impulse purchases. For example, be sure that everyone packs their toiletries, snacks for the way there and back, and any clothing that will be necessary. That way, you won’t spend all your money at the hotel store, on vending machines, or on unplanned shopping sprees. 

We all need a break from the stress of life every now and then, and a weekend trip is a perfect remedy. When you’re preparing for your trip, remember to first check online for deals. Consider taking a day or two off from work to allow for more saving and planning opportunities. Set aside a weekend for your getaway, but remain flexible and book last-minute. Finally, consider picking a destination you can drive to, and pack everything you will need for the trip. 


Photo Credit: Unsplash