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★ Makes it easy to create and maintain your event schedule!

★ Makes it easy to share your schedule with your fans!

★ Makes it easy to let Activity Directors know when you are available!

★ Makes it easy to share your schedule across multiple websites!

★ Makes it easy to share fan testimonials across multiple websites!

★ Lets you know when Activity Directors have open dates!

Check it out, see how it works.

Feel free to play around with it.
Add new events, edit events, add testimonials and more.
(Please do not delete anything which is already there)

See how it looks at The Winter Texan Connection.

Hello fellow entertainers: Trailer Park Patsy here. What a great new tool Rod has created for us. We can post our own schedule and make changes as needed. Also, lets Activity Directors know when we are booked and what dates we have open. I found it very easy to use. This website allows not only Activity Directors to view but anyone can view the site and see what is going on all over the valley for all participating entertainers. Plus.....it allows comments to be made about the performances by people who want to comment about a show or dance, etc. When you can control your own schedule online it gives you the freedom you need to get the post done quickly. What a great value at $50. I feel like it is my own own personal website and it's so easy to use too! Thanks Rod Graham!

As an entertainer in the RGV, I have just signed up on the Entertainers Directory on this website. A great way for promoting our band and advertising our schedule. Easy to use and well worth the small annual fee. Thank you, Rod Graham you rock! ... Cindy & Jim Dixon

HOW IT WORKS: You do it all from your control panel (see demo).

You will have an exclusive page at The Winter Texan Connection (viewed by thousands of Winter Texans every month). You can update this information as often as you want, it automatically updates your page in real time!

You enter your schedule and it is automatically updated on your page. You can edit and delete events as needed. This schedule can easily be embedded on your existing website, automatically updating, giving you complete control without having to contact the webmaster every time something changes!

You can easily share this information on your social media accounts and email it to your fan base or other media sources for publication.

You can post and edit reviews and testimonials from your fans.
A review submission form is provided on your page at The Winter Texan Connection.

You can post the open dates you have available for bookings where activity directors and other venues can see them! No need to make endless phone calls or send multiple emails! Just send them the link to your page and they can follow your updates.

HOW MUCH?: Annual Subscription to RGV Entertainers Services is $50.

Your first step is to register for the service HERE
After you have registered, I will invoice you for the service and send you a link to your personal Control Panel. From there it is in your hands!
I will provide you with phone and email support as needed.
You can call me from 10am - 10pm ... 7 days a week!

Contact Rod Graham

ABOUT ROD GRAHAM and The Winter Texan Connection:
In the Summer of 2007 I created The Winter Texan Connection as a service to Winter Texans and the Resort Communities in which they reside.

Having lived full time in the RGV since 1999, I have become very familiar with the Winter Texan lifestyle and have built a positive rapport with management and activity directors in the RGV.

Upon creation of WinterTexanInfo.com I also became familiar with the entertainers and dance bands who perform in these Winter Texan Communities. In 2007, typical admission to a dance or show was $3 or $4 or even Pass The Hat! I will not claim full responsibility for the increase realized in admission prices, however, I have always lobbied on behalf of entertainers and dance bands to see these rise to a level deserved. In my opinion, progress has been made, but we are not there yet!

Other services I offer include:

Photography and videography:
I have spent my adult career as a professional photographer. I have had ten years experience in videography, creating demo videos and "Full Show" DVDs for sale. You can see examples of my work HERE.

CD and DVD duplication:
I offer "small run" duplication services. If you need hundreds of copies, I am not the one to use. But, if you need 10, 20, 50 or so I can help.

Graphic Design:
I will design posters, tickets, rack cards, banners and any other promotional items you may need. I do not do color printing, however I can do bulk B&W printing.

Web Site Creation and Mangement:
In addition to The Winter Texan Connection, I have created websites for several entertainers, Winter Texan Communities and other local RGV businesses.

I create from the ground up, coding the site from a blank page. This gives the website its own personality, no "cookie cutter" templates used here! I "optimize" the site for premium placement in search results.

If you already have a site which you feel is not performing to its full potential, I offer "analyzation" services to help you get it to where it should be.