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Do you have RV or Mobile Home sites which are not yet reserved for this winter season?

Do you want to have more Winter Visitors visit your resort and your resort's website?

If your answer to either of these questions is yes,
Winter Texan Community Services
can help you achieve your goals!

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What is Winter Texan Community Services?

Winter Texan Communities Services (WTCS) exists to provide online services for RV/Mobile Home Resorts, Subdivisions and other communities where Winter Texans reside in the Rio Grande Valley of Deep South Texas. This service is designed to help you reach a wider audience in the Winter Texan population and To Promote Your Community to Potential Winter Texans who have not yet discovered The Magic Valley.

Winter Texan Community Services provides:

•  Promoting YOUR COMMUNITY to Winter Texans and POTENTIAL Winter Texans.

Thousands of visitors from the northern USA and Canada visit WinterTexanInfo.com ALL YEAR LONG!

With your subscription to Winter Texan Community Services ...

★  You will have a PREMIUM listing on your city's page at Winter Texan Communities    See Example.

★  You will have an EXCLUSIVE, CUSTOMIZED web-page for your resort community. See Example.

★  You can Post Your For Sale or Rent properties where hundreds of Winter Visitors can see them daily! See Example.

★  You are eligible to receive a 50% discount on an annual side-bar banner ad on all high traffic pages at WinterTexanInfo.com

★  We provide assistance with the general "online presence" for your community.
Does your website show up in "Google Searches"?
Is your website fully optimized for top placement in Search Engines?
Do you know all of the websites where your community is listed?
Do you know if all information regarding your community on third party websites is accurate?

★  We will analyze these items and provide suggestions for improvement.

•  Dissemination of your public activities by your Activity Directors or Activity Committee.

★  Use this program to create a list of your public activity schedules to be shared with the thousands of Winter Texans who use this website to see what is happening in the RGV. This information may be easily shared with any other media outlets.
This program uses "Smart Forms" which remember information you have previously entered. This means less typing, saving you time and making your job easier.
Your activity schedules are auto posted in the Public Activities Section making it available to the thousands of Winter Texans who visit this site to find out what is going on.
This program can be easily modified to auto post these schedules on your community's website as well!


★  You will have an EXCLUSIVE PAGE within WinterTexanInfo.com which will display all of your public activities. This page may be embedded on your Community Website if you desire. You may also request other modifications to YOUR webpage. see example

★  Your Public Activity Schedules will be posted in The Winter Texan Connection in a USER FRIENDLY format making it easy for all Winter Texans to find what is happening at Your Resort. Viewers can find exactly what they are looking for using a variety of search features including, Activity by day, Activity by type, Activity by resort, Activity by entertainer or band. Check it out to see how easy it is!   Public Activities

★  Use this program to Communicate with Entertainers and Dance Bands regarding any open date you have for bookings.

★ This service may be extended to include more features to be determined by client feedback.

★ We will meet with your activity director or activity committee to fully explain how this program works. We provide continuous support by email, phone and onsite when necessary.

• Subscription to this FULL SERVICE is $125 per year.
• Subscription to the PUBLIC ACTIVITIES ONLY portion of the service is $75 per year.
• Subscription to the COMMUNITY INFORMATION ONLY portion of the service is $75 per year.
New subscribers will be invoiced after completing registration.
Access to all services are granted upon payment.
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OPTIONAL: Website creation and hosting. Contact Rod at 956-457-8686 for more details.

Additional services will be considered as feedback from clients is received.

WTCS is a service provided by
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Rod Graham, proprietor

This program was developed by, and is the intellectual propery of, Rod Graham, Created Images and More.
It may not be duplicated or altered in any manner without express written permission. © 2018 all rights reserved.
For questions or comments regarding this program, contact Rod Graham at 956-457-8600, rod@rgvaff.com