HINT : use keyboard command " Ctrl + " & " Ctrl - " to make text larger or smaller.    Use "CRTL F" to quickly find a word on the page.
Helpful Hints
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About Smart Forms
The EDIT form
Use this form to make corrections to an event already posted.
The form is auto-filled, all you do is change the information as needed.
Use this form for recurring events where only the date changes, such as: Weekly Jams, Weekly Meals. Monthly Craft Shows etc.
The form "REMEMBERS" all of the information for the event. All you do is change the date.
The ADD NEXT form
Use this form for events of the same type where more than the date changes. For example: Weekly Dances with different bands, Weekly Jams - but one is country the other is rock-n-roll,
The form "REMEMBERS" most of the information. All you do is change what is necessary.
The NEW TYPE of EVENT form
Use this form when you are adding an event type which you have NOT entered before.
Cancelling / Deleting Events
Deleting an event from your control panel removes the event from the listings at The Winter Texan Connection ONLY.
You must contact all other media outlets to have them remove the event from their media.

You should only delete an event if it has been cancelled. Your past events will automatically "drop off" from the listings.
Key Board Shortcuts
Getting to know your keyboard and it's shortcut commands can save you a lot of time.
"CTRL F" means hold the Ctrl key down (find it in the bottom row, far left) and type the "F" key.
This shortcut opens a "search box" in your browser window. Type in a word to find all instances of that word on the current page. The Search Box appears in different locations in different browsers. Try it now and find it in the browser you are using.

"CTRL A" is used to "SELECT ALL TEXT" on a page or in a frame on a page.
"CTRL C" is used to "COPY SELECTED TEXT". CTRL C can also be used to copy an image.
"CTRL V" is used to "PASTE COPIED TEXT (or Image)" to a different location.
"CTRL +" is used to "ENLARGE TEXT SIZE" on a page.
"CTRL -" is used to "REDUCE TEXT SIZE" on a page.

Especially useful, if you want to copy and paste your schedules into the forms, is the "SPLIT SCREEN" feature.
Hold down the "WINDOWS LOGO" key (next to the Ctrl key) and type the left or right directional arrow. Try it now to see how it works.
Once you have moved the open window to one side, you can open another window and repeat the command using the opposite arrow.
Now you will have two windows open side by side.

These shortcut commands are for Windows Based computers. The commands for "MAC" users will vary.
See a complete guide to WINDOWS keyboard commands here
See a complete guide to MAC keyboard commands here