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I regret to report the passing of Tupelo Kenyon (Laughing Bird entertainment) read more


There are two Rio Grande Valley Activity Directors Association Entertainers Showcases annually.
Contact: Robert Ferguson: 574-361-2947 ... Billie Ferguson: 865-253-2514
This is a private function for Activity Directors only. The general public will not be admitted.

The first showcase for 2019 is on
January 9, 2019
Park Place Estates
5401 W Bus. 83
Harlingen, TX 78552
The second showcase is on
January 17, 2019
Mission Bell Resort
1711 E Bus. 83
Mission, TX 78572
Every year in January, hundreds of activity directors from Winter Texan Communities in the RGV attend the RGVADA Entertainers Showcases.

Dozens of entertainers and dance bands perform for this qualified audience in order to gain bookings.