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When possible, you should always verify with the venue.
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Attention Family Bands: If you are traveling in an RV and need a place to stay where kids are welcome, contact Mesquite RV Park

Attention Entertainers!

Promoting your shows and dances in the entertainers section of the Winter Texan Connection is a FREE service to all entertainers and bands who perform for the Winter Texan population of the Rio Grande Valley in Southern Texas.

All I ask in return is that you promote this website, at all of your performances.

I also offer paid advertising using the "sidebar banner spaces" you see on all of the high traffic pages.
I will rent these spaces to you on a monthly basis during the Winter Texan season.
Call me to discuss details ... 956-457-8600.

Please also consider using some of the other services I offer including CD/DVD duplication, photography and video, graphic design and website design and creation. See My Website

Getting Listed
Email to
- a promo picture
- a description of who you are and what type of entertainment is to be expected at your show or dance
- the contact information you want to have shown
- your website url, if applicable.

Submitting your schedules:
If you have a website, I will create a link to it so that viewers can see your schedule posted there.

If you do not have a website, email me your schedule in a format which I can copy and paste the information. Do not send a scanned image. If you have questions about this, call me.

Please type your schedule in this format: (Please include the " ... ")
WeekDay ... Date ... Venue & City ... Time ... Cost

example: Wednesday ... Jan. 23 ... Golden Gate RV Park - Mission ... 7pm ... $8

You may also submit your schedules by using the form found here

Editing your listing:
If you want to change the information that is shown on your page at, simply email me the changes you want made to

Regarding the daily listings for entertainment shows in RVG Resorts... Schedules posted on these pages must be submitted by the activity director from the resort. If your schedules are not showing up here, contact the activity director and encourage them to submit their entertainment schedules. It is FREE for them to do this and it is costing you money if they do not. Feel free to share this link with them ...

Entertainer Showcases

There are 2 Entertainer Showcases in the Rio Grande Valley.  Both take place in January

Activity Directors Association Showcases:
Open to Activity Directors only

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - Park Place Estates
5401 W Business 83 ... Harlingen, TX 78552
956-428-4414 ...

Thursday, January 18, 2018 - Casa Del Valle RV Resort
1048 N Alamo Rd. ... Alamo, TX 78516
956-585-4833 ...

Guidelines for Entertainers performing at the Showcases

To be placed on the Showcase, please fill out the application and return that and the required payment to Billie Ferguson. Addresses are listed on the application. You will be placed on the Showcase when your application and remittance is received. Download a showcase application

The Day of the Showcase
We ask all entertainers and activity directors to come at 8 a.m so everyone is ready to go when the Showcase begins at 9 a.m. Check in with the M.C. and receive your information packet.

Your time spot will consist of 9 minutes. You will be timed and will be given a one minute warning at the end of 8 minutes so that you can prepare to end your act.

Please be ready to begin and end on time.

There will be a separate room for booking.

Remember, the Activity Directors are usually hiring for the following season. Most will have contracts with them but you may want to have some of your own.

You will have four foot of table space to display your information. You may bring brochures and CDs to distribute that day if you would like. If you have CDs, please realize that you are responsible for them. If they are left on the table, people think they are free and will pick them up.

You may visit with the people before and after the program and during the breaks. Please hold the conversation down to a minimum during the program to be courteous to the other performers.

Lunch will be available at a nominal charge and you will receive a coupon for 1 lunch when you check in.

If you have any further questions, please call Robert Ferguson at 574-361-2947.

The Winter Texan Connection has no affiliation or responsibility regarding the Entertainer showcases. I simply am providing the information.