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We create music exclusively about, for and with animals ... dogs in particular.

In Memory of Maggie
This page is dedicated to the memory of Maggie. She lived with Rod and Cathy Graham in San Juan, TX for 3 years. She was called home to Doggie Heaven in March 2012. She is missed by many people who got to know her during her brief time here on Earth.
Cathy and I wish to express our sincere appreciation for all who showed their affection for Maggie during this time.

Hi, We are Mickey and Blondie.
We live in San Juan with Rod and Cathy, our humans. We have lot's of fun romping and playing together. We like to chase the lizards in our yard and splash around in our swimming pool. We hope that you will join us here on Maggie's Page. Just send us your picture and a short story about yourself and we will get Rod to put you here too!
Email it to rod [at]

Hi! My name is King Henry O'Henry McHenry Jones Hoover Beahm.

Not really; it's just Henry, but they call me that long name on stage. Yes, I admit it, I'm a stagehound. I'm an 11-year-old American Cocker Spaniel mix and I travel around full-time with my people, Melissa and Larry Beahm. They call themselves One More Time when they're performing. And often they let me come along and do my tricks in the middle of their shows! I don't want to brag, but I graduated first in my PetsMart class. But what I really like is hanging out on the beach, and chasing and chewing anything that squeaks. I have a vast collection of squeaky toys that I have collected all over the United States.   (I was born in Erie, PA, on December 18, 2001, but I have been to about 39 states with my people.) You can see more pictures of me on my website,

My name is Wiley. I am a Foxhound and I was living at the Laguna Madre Animal Shelter in Port Isabel for 1 1/2 years and these wonderful people named Frank and Joan came and took me home in Santa Rosa. They said I was a foster dog and I would be there with them until they found the perfect home for me. I waited for 2 years and today I went home with Erica to my new forever home! I was so excited! Erica said I was beautiful and she is going to take me to classes to learn things.

You see, I am deaf and I need to learn things to keep me safe. I am finally in my own forever home! Thank you Tip of Tex K9 Rescue and especially Frank and Joan my wonderful foster furparents! Would you like to adopt a dog? Go to and you will see all of the wonderful dogs waiting for their forever home, just like me.

Hi, I am Heidi, I am 3 years old, I live at Rio Valley Estates, with my Dad, Bobby, and my Mom, Donna. I have traveled lots of times in our R.V. visiting Las Vegas, Iowa, and many other States. I am such a lovable girl and really like riding on the golf cart around the park greeting everyone.