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Snowbirds, Winter Texans and Canadians

Every year hundreds of thousands of folks who are tired of dealing with snow, ice and frigid temperatures migrate to the sun belt of the USA. They come from all walks of life and every corner of the world to enjoy the sunny warm weather and relaxed lifestyle of the Texas Tropics.

For many decades these winter weary travelers have been referred to as "snowbirds"; a term that probably started out innocently enough referring to the fact that they were moving from a cold area to a warmer climate.

Over time the term "snowbird" has taken on a darker connotation conjuring up visions of elderly citizens who seem to be there to make life in general less enjoyable. One Floridian posts on a blog site "As a full-time resident of the Sunshine State, I am heavily-medicated to tolerate your presence for four to five months out of each and every year." read entire post . . . . . For more examples take a look at what you find when you "google" I hate snowbirds. Be advised some of what you will read there is not very nice. What you will notice about all of these comments is that none of them are coming from South Texas Rio Grande Valley residents!

Here in the Magic Valley at the southern most tip of Texas;

In fact we appreciate you so much that we give you the honorary title of "WINTER TEXANS"

We hang huge "WELCOME HOME" banners all over the place and we have celebrations in honor of your return each and every year.

So why would you make the choice to go somewhere you are not welcomed?
Come to the Rio Grande Valley and enjoy our hospitality and warm friendship!

Here is an article from The Blog for Lifestyle and Travel, with some further insight regarding Winter Visitors
30 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Snowbirds

Now just the fact that we are nice folks and we appreciate it when you come to visit may not be enough reason to choose to winter in the RGV. So ... Here are some other things to consider:

The Cost of Living in our area is lower than any other winter vacation spot.

The Rio Grande Valley has been a popular winter vacation destination and retirement area since the 1950s when Midwesterners began coming in ever increasing numbers and local landowners began developing RV resort parks to accommodate them. As more and more of these Winter Texans decided to permanently retire here, these resorts added mobile homes and park models to create a desirable and affordable place for them to live.

Now you can choose from over 200 resorts and campgrounds with a wide variety of amenities and price ranges. Stay in a high end resort or a mom and pop campground, whatever fits your lifestyle the best!

The Rio Grande Valley has a rich historical and cultural past for you to explore. There are many first class museums and art galleries to enjoy. You can get a taste of the local "Tejano" culture at many festivals and events. And, don't forget to try the local cuisine, the most authentic Mexican food around!

For the more active visitors, we have excellent nature trails for hiking and biking. We are recognized as one of the world's best birding sites. South Padre Island, Texas' best beach is at the eastern edge of the Valley. Here you will find sandy beaches, safe and fun nightlife, year round water sports, saltwater fishing, boating and lots of other active things to enjoy.

Let's not forget the weather here!
It snows once every 105 years. The last measurable snowfall was in 2004. On Christmas Eve the snow began falling at about 10pm. Christmas morning revealed about an inch of snow blanketing the ground, by noon it was just a memory. This was the only snow on the ground seen by several generations of locals. So, dealing with the cold, ice, slush and snow is not going to be an issue here. At least not for 90 years or so.

Average temperatures in the Fall and Winter are around the 60° - 70° mark. Occasionally we get a "Canadian Cold Front" that sweeps down from the north and temps plummet to 40°. I do have to admit that once in a while we see near freezing temperatures, however, they do not last more than a day or two. Overall, you will not find a more tropical climate anywhere in the continental US. Where else can you pick vine ripened tomatoes from your own garden in December?

Well, If this has not been enough to convince you that there is no better winter vacation destination in the USA than the Rio Grande Valley; all I can say is

If I can be of any assistance to you as you plan your trip, give me a call or email me and I will be more than happy to help.
Rod Graham