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I regret to report the passing of Tupelo Kenyon (Laughing Bird entertainment) read more

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This section is for public activities offered in Winter Texan Resorts and Subdivisions only.

If you want to submit a public activity for a venue outside of the Winter Texan resorts: school events, city events etc., use this link to go to the Winter Texan Bulletin Board to post your announcements.

Attention Activity Directors :

You can send us YOUR ENTIRE SEASON at once, if you want to, by using our convenient, "user friendly" Submission Forms.

There is a customized form for each category of activity: Entertainment, Dances, Craft Shows, Jams etc.

You can put multiple Entertainment Shows or Dances in ONE FORM! No need to fill out a separate form for each individual event, greatly reducing your time and effort.

The same is true for all categories of activities.

NOTE: To make your job easier, all activity schedules submitted by activity directors to are forwarded to for posting at their discretion

Do you have dates when you need to fill a Dance or Entertainment schedule? Now you can let entertainers know that you are looking for them at Looking For Bands and Entertainers

The Winter Texan Connection is NOT AFIFILIATED with The Winter Texan Times newspaper. If you want to have your activities printed in their newspaper you will have to follow their guidelines.

Attention Entertainers:
Only Activity Directors may submit schedules to be posted in the Winter Texan Resort Activities section of this website. If your schedules are not posted, please contact the Activity Director of the Resort where you are performing and encourage them to send us their schedules.

All Entertainers are invited to participate in the Entertainers section of this website. Follow This Link to find out more information about being included.

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