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Are You Looking for a place to stay warm this winter?
Look no further, you have found the Rio Grande Valley of Deep South Texas!

Don't get stuck in the same old rut this winter. Say goodbye to your snow shovel and join thousands of retirees from all over The United States and Canada who come to the best winter vacation destination in the USA, The "Texas Tropics" known as The Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.

More winter visitors, commonly referred to as snowbirds, are discovering the South Texas Rio Grande Valley as a Preferred Winter Vacation Hotspot. It should come as no surprise since South Texas is much more economical and the average weather is much more enjoyable when compared to Florida, Arizona or any other Winter Destination.

So button up your northern home before it snows and head to Deep South Texas. You'll be glad you did!

The Number One Winter Texan Website:
Every month, all year long, thousands of these winter travelers use the internet to plan for their Winter Vacation Getaway., is here to keep you informed and give you the best online resource for planning your Winter Vacation here in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. For retirement age visitors in South Texas, here to escape the snow, ice and cold weather of the Northern United States and Canadian Winters, this website will give you all of the information you need to live an active life style while you are here.

You may start out as a "Snowbird" but you will soon become a "Winter Texan"!
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What can you find in this website? Just about anything and everything having to do with the Winter Texan Lifestyle. Explore the Navigation Bar (MENU) to see all that The Winter Texan Connection has to offer. You will find this site to be user friendly and organized to make it easy to plan your itinerary for the time you are here.

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Got a Question? Ask it here ... I am Rod Graham, the creator of this website. Thank you for visiting!

My wife and I have made our home in the Rio Grande Valley since 1999. During this time I have become very familiar with the area and am happy to share my knowledge with you.

Send me your inquiries. If I do not have the answer, I will do my best to find it for you!

While you are enjoying your winter vacation here in the RGV, you will find this website useful for planning your weekly and daily activities. You can find schedules for DANCES, ENTERTAINMENT SHOWS, HAPPY HOURS, MUSIC JAMS and much more. Activity directors may post their public activities taking place in Winter Texan Resorts for all to see. Submit Your Schedules Here.

Do you have, or are you looking for a Mobile Home, Park Model or Recreational Vehicle, RV for sale or rent? List it in the Classified Ads where hundreds of renters and buyers will see it weekly!

Whether you are a Winter visitor or a permanent resident ... The Winter Texan Connection will be a fun and useful website for you to enjoy.

Use the Winter Texan Connection Bulletin Board to post announcements for all the Valley to see! There are a variety of categories, covering all aspects of the Winter Texan Lifestyle.

Inside The Winter Texan Connection, you will find information regarding Birding, exploring Wildlife refuges, fishing and other outdoor activities to be found here in the "Valley".

There are links to movie theaters to see what's playing in your neighborhood, information about the many museums and points of historical interest.

You will find links to many computer games to enjoy

To make it easy for you to find what you are looking for, there is a comprehensive navigation menu which is very user friendly.

You are now ready to explore all that The Winter Texan Connection has to offer.

Have fun while you are here in the "Land of Two Summers" and don't hesitate to contact me if I can be helpful to you while you are here.

The Winter Texan Connection is owned and operated by
Rod Graham
"Exploring The Valley Since 1999"
Contact Rod ...
See a map showing RGV cities that have RV/Mobile Home Resorts

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Once you have experienced the Rio Grande Valley as a Winter Destination, you may well decide to make it your permanent retirement home! Retire in South Texas and enjoy all that it has to offer all year long. Read more about Retiring in Texas